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Underweight EF halfpenny - Forgery or Find?


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I have just received a 1903 halfpenny amongst a collection of others. This one is non-magnetic (bronze based upon the nibbles on the rim)) in fantastic condition and appears to be "blackened at mint" and it is the correct diameter. BUT it only weighs 5.21gms. I was under the impression that the weight was supposed to be 5.67gms. Do I have a forgery? If it is a forged coin, was forging halfpennies profitable?

Your comments would be valued.

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It's difficult to say without seeing a picture, but I'd lean towards genuine.


I haven't seen any forgeries of British 1/2d later than the 1790s, and for the early 20th century, it's usually the mid-sized silver denominations (1/, 2/, 2/6) for which I encounter forgeries, usually in lead.

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Thanks for that info. Sorry I haven't posted a pic, my camera is not that good. What I can say is that I have examined it in every way, compared it to pictures of UNC bright versions of the same coin and it is perfect. My worry is not the design but the weight. Are there many instances of valid underweight coins?

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