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Bought L.Furius Phillus Denarius...


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(First coin shown below), I just bought this L. Furius Phillus Denarius off ebay $62. As a biginner, I try to limit $90 to each purchase, averaging about $70. I know eventually some nice Roman Republic Denarius will cost over $100+ and a lot more. But for now, I'm learning, a limited set budget seems wise. Did I make a good purchase as a starting Roman Republic Denarius collector? What tips should I look out for, I know about over-sea fakes... What can I do to show off my growing 6 coin collection... hahaha =) ...I belong to NGC collectors society, using there collector manager to organize, photograph and catolog future purchases. I also have David Sears Roman coin book, any good software for computers or mobile phones... I tried photo bucket but hard to link URL to this sight correctly...I'll keep trying. Also need a grams weight scale, ebay seems a good inexpensive place to buy one, what should I look for in buying one. Any advice welcome, continue to collect Roman Republic coins, maybe some Ancient Greeks...I included some my other coins bought, in addition to the new addition of L. Furius Phillus Denarius. I would love to hear your advice to a starting collector and share information on good auction sites. 251111922215_1.jpg$T2eC16FHJHoE9n3Kd5biBP6R+Ig+qw~~60_12.jpg$T2eC16VHJGwE9n)yTd9EBP6SDZZEd!~~60_12.jpgk0188-o.jpgk0188-r.jpg390427516071_1.jpgimages.jpg180921206533_1.jpg$(KGrHqN,!k0E-j-pF5!SBP9JdYwfhQ~~60_35.jpg

Here are the descriptions of my coins in sequence: L. Furius Phillus Circa 119 b.c., M. Cipius 115-114 bc., Equestrian state L. Phillipus 113-112 bc., M. Porcius Laeca 125bc.(2 pictures obverse and reverse)., Spurius Afranius 150 bc ( 2 pics)., and finally Greek Athena obverse with owl in reverse., date unknown 200 bc ???

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