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Peace of Paris

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Peace of Paris 1814 BHM 798 White metal.

White metal? Yes, I bought it from a picture thinking it to be bronze but it has been varnished or lacquered with something very very dark. The scan has been lightened as much as possible.


The question is do I clean it and how? First thought is thinners, followed if necessary with acetone.

Your suggestions, as always, are welcomed.


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The medal has very nice detail and is in a reasonable condition, if it was mine, I would leave it as it is. I have never cleaned any of mine so could not offer you any advice at all. Good luck if you do have a go, if it works out well I might have to reconsider my views on cleaning, this would be one I would have a go at.




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I do not know if this would apply to your piece since I do not have it in hand. I have a gold-plated medal that seemed to be laquered. I was able to remove whatever it was by soaking the piece in isopropyl alcohol and gently removing the remainsing softened gunk with a Qtip. I believe acetone is the recommended method for laquer.

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Thanks Bill. What I probably didn't make clear earlier is that in one or two places I can see the silvering showing through. I'm wondering if this was varnished when the piece was fresh or after it had been around a while. There are a few EKs which obviously predate the coating so all in all I may be talking myself out of it.

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