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Don't you hate it when...


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Dealers get weird?


I've used a very trusted online dealer for years. They even have a brick and mortar shop back east. They have been trusted not only by me, but by hundreds, if not thousands of people. But I just removed them from my list of dealers. because I've "Bought" notes from them, but after about 3 days I get the email stating that my payment has been refunded as it was 'previously sold'. Now this would normally be a simple let down, and nothing to get too upset about - normally.


But this has happend a few times already. And this is the second time in two weeks they've done this. They usually get the order, my payment and then the item is removed from the inventory and a few days later I get a nice item in the mail. Lately however I get the "Unfortunately the item has already been sold. Sorry about that!" email.


I really hate wasting my time looking at phantom items for sale, and if I pay via paypal, having my money refunded and placed on Paypal's temporary hold for a week. Very frustrating,





Oh well. My rant is over. On to better things I guess.

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It would be one in MA.


Sorry to hear about the health problems. Thanks for letting me know. Explains a lot though. I have had other issues as well, which were mildly annoying, but these last few were the proverbial straws so to speak.

I hope he gets better. Hate to hear about people getting ill.



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I have bought from them many times in the past few years - I just haven't been doing a lot of collecting lately. I sort of lost interests in their website when they did away with the discount Monday feature. I have seen complaints on other forums about them as well. Definitely seems out of character, because I have always had great experiences with buying from them. It is nice when they communicate through the whole buying process, ie acknowledging the purchase, advising it is is shipped, providing tracking and checking up later to make sure you are satisfied.


Recently it seems like part of this expectation has fallen apart. Hopefully they can fix the problem.

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