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British banknotes


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I've recently joined the forum for advice as I'd been told I'd inherited (along with my sister) a coin collection. I recieved it yesterday and foubd there were also bank notes.




There are also about 10 x Red10 shilling notes with the queen on in varying condition.


I was led to believe that the condition of a note is crucial. Some are in very good condition, but some less so. Could you let me know of any rough values? I have bought a book on coins but it doesn't mention notes.

It is likely that we will sell both the notes and the coins as 'sharing' a coin collection won't be easy to do fairly.

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"'sharing' a coin collection won't be easy to do fairly" implies you both want it! Surely, you can come to a compromise to keep these beauties in the family!

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Krause publishes catalogs for foreign banknotes, and if your library doesn't have a copy, they can get it by interlibrary loan so that you don't have to buy it. Certainly the several George V notes I saw will have a substantial premium. And yes, condition matters, but there's a buyer for every grade. Similar-looking notes are usually identified by year dates or by signature varieties. Stack's is having a foreign banknote auction in January (I consigned all my British notes) and that catalog and its prices realized would be worth having, to compare with "catalog" values. The market for currency seems to be excellent right now.

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Krause is useless for British notes as they don't go in depth enough. A serial number can be the difference between values. The top notes on the left with George V and the right hand ones also with Geo V COULD have value depending on grade and serials. If you wish you can write the serials here or you can purchase the Dugby and West Book of British Bank notes that goes into Detail on British notes.


I just noticed white notes at the bottom, can you give the Dates and denomination.

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