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  1. Beware of 1864 Florins with die number 64, there are quite a few fakes out there of this date
  2. This is my Matte Proof Halfcrown
  3. Ok, a friend of mine listed this on ebay a few days back, i happened to be trawling what he was selling and came across this. I pulled out the Krause and then phoned him about it. He said he's had it for years and can't remember where he bought it. Weight is 25.1g he tells me. I'm not really a world coin collector, but seeing the grade and price i thought i'd ask opinions about it before he sells it on, whether on ebay or an auction house. Krause number KM 69
  4. Another i have listed on fleabay. Queen Anne Sixpence with E*
  5. My newbie. Excuse the dinner plate size pictures
  6. The 8s of that period were minted that way with a flat top, so for the period its normal and not an overstruck date.
  7. Krause is useless for British notes as they don't go in depth enough. A serial number can be the difference between values. The top notes on the left with George V and the right hand ones also with Geo V COULD have value depending on grade and serials. If you wish you can write the serials here or you can purchase the Dugby and West Book of British Bank notes that goes into Detail on British notes. I just noticed white notes at the bottom, can you give the Dates and denomination.
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