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1981 quarter and 2012 penny error?


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I know this is a long shot. Im new to all of this and was wondering if this bent penny is an error it does have some ridges where there could be marks of a plier but only on one side of the coin the other side is normal. This is what throws me off if pliers were clamped on it and some how bent pliers have two sides to it? If this is by some slim chance an error is there any value on the coin besides face value?

The quarter I think may have a die chip where the mint mark should be and on the reverse side some of the letters are missing. If this is by some slim chance an error is there any value on the coins besides face value?


2012-05-30 14-09-14_opt.jpg2012-05-30 14-10-09_opt.jpg2012-05-30 14-11-59_opt.jpgPicture 219.jpgPicture 220.jpgPicture 215.jpgPicture 216.jpgPicture 217.jpg

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Welcome to the art of collecting coins. Error coins are fun to search for, however I do not think these are errors. I believe them to be normal wear and tear, others might think differently. But on the Quarter there might be some doubling on the mint mark, but I would believe any extra value it would add would be lost due to the chip near the 'OF'. Wait for more people to chime in, and I would reccomend showing the quarter to a coin dealer.

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