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  1. I'll start it with the opening bid, $2.00.......
  2. What payment methods are accepted? I only do money orders...........
  3. Agree on both counts. Post strike damage and circulation wear to the coins. The quarter MM, yes you may want to have someone take an in hand look to see what's going on there but I am thinking die deterioration. Just guessing on the last part.
  4. This link may help.... http://www.treasurerealm.com/coinpapers/england/denominations/florin.html
  5. I haven't been able to upload any for quite a while can't figure what the problems is. Once I select the obverse and reverse photos and click to upload it starts over as if I didn't incert a photo for upload. Any help would be appriciated. Thanks
  6. Just from this photo it appears to be post mint damage.
  7. Die deterioration is causing the effect you see on this coinat "we trust". About being off center I can't tell without a photo of the reverse. My guess is it may be a bit misaligned from the obverse die (MAD).
  8. For quite a while I was able to place photos of coins on OMNICOIN now when I try to load them it doesn't work for me. Doing the same thing I always have. Confused. Hope I posted in the right place here. Thanks
  9. Dave, Got it today looks great. Thank you very much. Steven
  10. Without better photos I can only suggest this link to conduct a serch of the 24 listed RPMs for the year and mint you have indicated. Hope this helps. http://www.coppercoins.com/advsearch.php
  11. Thought I would post tonights find from a shrink wrapped roll. Nice separation on IGWT the 0 of the date and a bar above the 7. Could only figure out how to post one photo though.
  12. Very nice. Similar to my '43...........
  13. Well since I was working with this one today I thought I would add it to this thread. I have had it for quite a while but just hadn't got around to attributing it. With the assitance of photos on coppercoins.com I have determined by markers indicated that this one is a 1955S-MM-002 / RPM-002. Sorry the photos are not of a higher quality.
  14. Tough question as is. You would nead to be more specific about years and dates and their quantities as well as searched or not searched for errors/varieties. If not searched by you, you may want to search with the assistance of coppercoins before discarding them at the bank for face.... http://www.coppercoins.com/advsearch.php or http://www.lincolncentresource.com/ If you have specific questions about any of the coins post here and I am sure many will be willing to help. Photos are a great help as well....
  15. Just curious but I take a lot of photos and don't have the slightest idea how to copyright them or do copyright notices could you or someone explain this. Thanks for any help. Steven
  16. I like the LP-12, LP-15 and the LP-16 if the ribbon was removed.
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