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Peace of Aix La Chapelle 1748

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The ANS only has a bronze, but a Spink catalog from 1905 lists several similar in gold and silver and also mentions this type as uncataloged in bronze. The peace wasn't a big hit in Britain so maybe there weren't too many of these made.

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From MI vol II page 652. Though there were many different medals struck to commemorate the Peace, both in England and Europe in various metals, this one is a copy of one by John Kirk, his version had a latin inscription and was available in bronze, silver and gold, but this copy was only struck in brass, according to MI.

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Thanks Pat. I was aware of the version with the Latin inscription, but not that it was by Kirk. Also I'm reasonably certain that mine is bronze.

Reluctantly I confess my ignorance of MI. I say reluctance, because last time I asked a question like this it ended with me buying the complete BHM. (Which I don't regret for a minute, except that it's still lost somewhere among the moving boxes)


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