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Communaute des Marchands Lingeres

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A scarce example of a trial strike in tin of a jeton issued for the exclusively female Fine Linen Merchants Guild of Paris. St Veronique was the guild's patron saint and the jetons issued during the reign of Louis XV have `Veronica' within a crown of thorns set on fine linen as the reverse design.

There are three known obverse legend variants with at least three different busts of Louis XV used during the period these jetons were issue, ranging from a juvenile bust through to adult. The reverse is common to all of the jetons issued during the reign of Louis XV and therefore they are all dated 1719. This example however was most likely struck as a trial pairing the reverse with the `adult' bust and therefore struck circa 1745+ .




The second jeton was struck in silver and sports a younger bust of Louis XV and probably circa 1725.



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