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urgent help needed

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Hello everyone !

Please help me this 3 bracelets.

I have inherited them from my late great aunt.

She lived in Wien (A) and passed away last year, in her 97'

First bracelet (11 silver coins Franc Josef 1 Korona, years : 1892, 1893,1895,1896,1899,1901,1912,1913,1913,1915,1915,

set in silver, tot. weigth 63g.)

Second bracelet (10 silver coins Franc Josef 10 Kreuzer, year 1872 (all), tot. weigth 25g), and

Third bracelet (16 silver coins 10 kopek period from 1909 to 1914), tot. weight 35g).



I need Your opnion in this ?

Tnx a lot, Lena

1 (1).jpg

1 (3).jpg

1 (7).jpg

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