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A key to my series


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So, I've been collecting US $1 Silver Certificates since my dad first showed me one in circulation about 14 years ago. That's when I fell in love with currency. I wanted to collect the whole small-size series. My uncle also gave me a large-size 1923 note, too. (Had no idea that large-size notes existed til then!) I decided to put 1923 on the series list since they are pretty easy to find.


I collect all the signature combo. That's a challenge for some of them. The only one of the ~27 combinations/major varieties I don't have is 1923 Woods-Tate which I'll be hunting for tomorrow in Baltimore at the big show up there.


I also collect the stars for the series. That means there are a total of 55 notes from 1923-1957B. I have 10 left. The only ones remaining are the biggest keys. Six will require at least $1000 in any grade. Several won't be had for anything less than $7500.


My point of all this is I came across this note as part of my research for tomorrow:




It's a 1923 Woods-Tate star note. Not only a rare signature, but apparently only SIXTEEN stars are known to exist. I had no idea.


When I saw this note for sale on Heritage tonight for $7500, I thought twice. I technically do have the money but I don't want to spend that right now haha. But knowing that there are only 16 around, it is reallyr eally really tempting.


In short, this might be the first time I've ever seen something I really need that's really rare but really expensive...

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Still doing research. Heritage has only sold about 7 each of the three other keys in the last 10 years. Wow. Who knew it would take me a few decades to complete a $1 Silver Cert. series?

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