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Anyone know something about: China, P-S2725, 山東省庫券, shantung provincial treasury,


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Hi there.


I believe I do have China, P-S2725, 山東省庫券, shantung provincial treasury banknote. I can't find any pictures of this note anywhere, and I haven't found any valuation or sold items.


It's 10 Yuan 1932, and I belive it must be P-S2725. On the left side in front the characters of 臨沂 Lin yi is to be found, wich is a region i shandong. And on the back It's stamped in latin letters LING YI.


I will be happy if anyone could tell mer more about this banknote.

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At first I must apologize that my English is not perfect, but I hope to make myself understand….


The note you have is indeed P.S2725. And it is very rare, I have been collecting Chinese notes for more than 50 years now and I saw this note only once in my life, in theState Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. – Specimens I saw twice… A link showing such a specimen is here:




The one yuan notes can be found more often, in the last 10 years or so I wrote down the serial numbers of 15 such notes, 12 without location given, 3 with 烟台 (Yantai, which is called Chefoo in English).

Of the 5 yuan note I wrote down the serials of 6 notes. 5 without location given, 1 with Yantai/Chefoo.

The place name 臨沂 (Linyi) I never saw before and did not know that it exists on these notes.


Historical background for this note series:


In 1931 the provincial government of Shandong founded the Minsheng Bank of Shandong.

They intended to issue paper money. But the Nanjing government did not allow them to do so. So the provincial treasury used a trick and issued 庫券 (treasury notes), but using the money of the Minsheng Bank of Shandong. Altogether 3.000.000 yuan were issued. It was stipulated that the notes would be exchanged (against “real” or “legal” money) one year later. On back of the notes is written that you can use these notes for any debts, taxes etc.

In August 1933 the Minsheng Bank of Shandong issued its own money. A law was issued that the treasury notes would be treated as notes issued by the Minsheng Bank.

When in Nov. 1935 the finance system in China was reorganised and the fabi money was introduced, these treasury notes nevertheles continued to circulate. It is reported that on Nov. 16, 1936 still 1.550.000 yuan of such notes were circulating.

Now I have a request: I am writing a multi-volume book “Important Provincial, Commercial and Military Banknotes of China” and have just sent the manuscript to Bruce Smith (he is an authority on Chinese coins and banknotes) who will edit my English. While I have the 1 and 5 yuan notes myself, I know that I never will get the 10 yuan note…I would like you to send me black and white photocopies of front and back of your note….Please contact me at Pornpattana.Beyer@yahoo.de so I can send you my postal address. Of course I would reimbourse any cost you may have. I would appreciate your help a great deal…

Erwin Beyer

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