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Livonia 1757 silver coinage - what's the story?


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I know this coinage is in Uzdenikov but never quite understood Russian history. Got a rough read from Wikipedia and found it interesting.




And the extremely low grade coin...




Probably hold a record of the lowest grade type set... not that I am attempting but the prices of better quality coins are outrageous!

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Are you trying to get an understanding of why the Russians made the coin? As I understand it they were using that part of their empire as a base of operations in the Seven Years' war and made this coinage for their own armies' use to be consistent with preexisting local coinage, which they had not yet gone to the trouble to reform or replace (such is expensive and the empire was always strapped for cash).


Are you able to determine the denomination? (I cannot, from the photograph.) I happen to have a 4 kopek that is an otherwise unrecorded over date, and it would be fun if this one were the same thing, but I doubt we could possibly tell.

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That could take a while. I've exhibited it, but under circumstances where the coin didn't need to be photographed for the reverse, so I have no pictures of it yet. Someday, I have to dig it out and a bunch of related coins like my 48 Kopek, and go through the whole photography rodeo which seems to be incredibly complicated. (I must be going about this wrong.) Don't get me wrong, I don't consider your request an imposition... it'll happen someday. (I am still working through the US type set pictures.)


[sigh. I used to have a scanner that did an acceptable job (see my avatar); all I had to do was crop and rotate. Now, two dead scanners later, I've got a scanner that won't work, and an expensive camera that doesn't seem to want to take a sharp, properly colored picture and a ridiculous, highly error-prone process to go through to get the picture ready to post.]

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