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100 Yen Overprint Note

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Hello all


I have this note in my collection and although I've seen various 1944 100 Yen notes online, I have not seen one like it and haven't been able to find out any information about it.


Can anybody tell me what the overprint means and when it was issued/overprinted and why?




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Hello and welcome to CoinPeople. While not my area, I cannot remember encountering such a note before. I'm as excited about the answer as you are.

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Overprint basically says "military use note"


Issued for Japanese ocucpation of China during WWII. Pretty common relatively speaking - I see them more often than the non overprinted version.

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China P-M28 100 Yen (1945) Japanese occupation military note. Although issued for all occupied China, these notes were replaced by Federal Reserve and Cenral Reserve Bank of China issues (puppet banks). However, they did remain in circulation in Hong Kong and Hainan Island through the occupation.

Four red Japanese characters overprinted across center front and back: "Military Note". Seven red characters overprinted below: Japanese Imperial Government".

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