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Siberian 10kop1777 unlisted variant


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In 1776 the wreath type changed. Most of the 10 kopeks of 1776 bear the wreath of the previous year,

the smaller part of the 10 kopek 1776 bears the laurels of the following year,

the difference being 2 berries added to the laurels. Brekke lists them as ##519 and 520, Bitkin as ##1035 and 1036.

All the later years (from 1777 on) were struck with the later laurels (=2 berries more).

However I found a 1777 with the earlier (pre 1776) laurels (=lacking the 2 berries).

This variant is not yet listed anywhere.

As one can see, there are still discoveries to be made with Russian coins.



Above the normal 1777 10 kopek

below the unlisted variant with the 1766-75 type laurel


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That's a great looking coin Steve. I'm surprised it didn't make it very far in PCI too. PCI is very very funny. Things you're sure will make it a long way get knocked out early and vice versa.

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