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Newbie non-collector shyly seeking advice

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Okay, I confess: I'm not a collector. But I need advice from coin people, so I hope you can tell me where I should post. Maybe just the general Coin Forum?


I've recently unearthed an informal collection started decades ago, not rare collectible coins, but mostly just ordinary coins (mostly quarters and half-dollars) from the era of silver, which I gather is pre-1965, plus a jumble of old foreign coins.


I'm hoping that in one of the forums here I could ask:

1)Does anyone have a recommendation of particular places in Manhattan that would give me the best prices for silver coins?

2)Someone suggested to me that I look directly for a buyer to bypass a retailer. Is this realistic, given that these coins aren't at all rare? If so, what would be a good route? (I don't buy-sell in online places like Ebay, but I could post in places like Craigslist.)

3)Are there websites I should check for the shifting value of silver/gold?


Thank you in advance for any help. :)

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From what you describe, I would find a coin dealer who will pay you bullion value for the coins. If they are truly common, that is the best price you will get. I would avoid the hotel buyers who swoop into town and low ball the actual bullion value.

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