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same rouble (1718) listed 5 times on 4 auctions in 2 years


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Items 1, 3, 7, 8, 10.


Fritz Rudolf Kuenker GmbH # 198 (30 September 2011)

Condition: XF, Sold for: 4200 EUR


"Alexander" # 16 (26 March 2011)

Condition: AU53, Sold for: 4000 USD


"Wolmar" # 206 (07 October 2010)

Condition: AU53, Sold for: about 9000 USD


"Alexander" # 15 (26 March 2011)

Condition: AU53, Sold for: 5000 USD


"Hortysia" # 4 (25 April 2010)

Condition: UNC, Sold for: 7000 USD


Any thoughts ? It looks like money loser for whoever was buying/selling.

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Hard to belive that it was sold on Wolmar for $9000, then twice less

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The Wolmar pic sure looks different from the others. Comparing it to the first picture, things that look flat on the eagle in the Wolmar picture look at least somewhat struck up on the first picture. The die crack plainly obvious on the Wolmar pic is basically not visible on the first pic. I'd be thinking they were two different coins where there not plenty of places where a spot of toning was in the same place on both--though it will tend to look darker/worse on one photo than on the other.

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I agree. Looks like a looser. Whoever bought it in Ukraine tried to sell it in Russia for more and when it did not work out consigned it to Kunker.

Pretty sure that Kunker is the real deal. But not a great loss, 1500 or so. If one buys just one coin and tries to make money on it - that could be difficult. If one buys 100 coins, then average could work out to be profitable. And if that fails - it is time to try another venture.

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