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Question Regarding Historical Coin Reference


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Hi all, been awhile.


My question is this:


While reading about the path of destruction left by Timur, he mentions this:


"When morning broke on the Friday, all my army, no longer under control, went off to the city and thought of nothing but killing, plundering, and making prisoners. All that day the sack was general. The following day, Saturday, the 17th, all passed in the same way, and the spoil was so great that each man secured from fifty to a hundred prisoners, men, women, and children. There was no man who took less than twenty. The other booty was immense in rubies, diamonds, garnets, pearls, and other gems; jewels of gold and silver; ashrafís, tankas of gold and silver of the celebrated 'Aláí coinage; vessels of gold and silver; and brocades and silks of great value. Gold and silver ornaments of the Hindu women were obtained in such quantities as to exceed all account. Excepting the quarter of the saiyids, the 'ulamá, and the other Musulmáns, the whole city was sacked. The pen of fate had written down this destiny for the people of this city. Although I was desirous of sparing them I could not succeed, for it was the will of Allah that this calamity should fall upon the city."


Is he refering to Tankas of Ala-ud-Din Khilji?

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Nice to see you posting again :)


Alai tanka: The tanka (silver or gold coin) of Ala-ud-Din Khilji(From the Pakistan Civil Services; Indo-Pak: Administrative and Agrarian Terms)http://www.cssforum.com.pk/css-optional-subjects/group-e-history-subjects/indo-pak-history/15204-indo-pak-administrative-agrarian-terms.html


Seeing as the description is concerning the sacking of Old Delhi makes sense.

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