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When Overstrikes Attack!


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There's an interesting discussion on a russian forum (http://coins.su/forum/index.php?showtopic=72524&st=0) that deals with very convincing but apparently fake russian overstikes.


It seams that someone has figured out that it is fairly safe to copy a die using a common coin such a regular issue 1796 EM/AM 1794 AM and so forth... And use it to create fake and rare Paul's overstrikes using common Catherine II piataks as a base. These restruck coins are aged in harsh environment to give them the look of a recently dug up finds, and this corrosion also hides many signs of tempering and copied die problems.


This first coin is interesting. For some reason it has been struck with 2 reverses. A 1771 piatak was used as a base, then the coin was overstruck with fake cypher dies (that apparently match the dies used to strike copies of the series sometimes marked with H), subsequently the coin was struck with 1795 and 1796 reverses.




These fakes are not limited to Paul's series. Any unusual/unknown but not inconceivable combination can show up:



Here are a couple of fake AM Paul's overstrikes:





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