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Selling some various items. I'm still without a camera/computer combination that I can use to post current photos, but will galdly take returns on anything that I'n selling.


Australia 1942-D sixpence, original high grade BU with lots of lustre. Has a little brown toning near the rims. Attractive. I'm guessing MS64 or a little better - $20.00 delivered


British West Africa 1949-KN 1/10 penny, BU, very nice - $10.00 delivered


German East Africa 1905-J 1/2 heller, XF, no problems - $10.00 delivered


Mexico 1948 peso, AU - $10.00 delivered


Sweden 1907 1 ore, AU some red around devices - $4.00 delvered


Great Britain 1921 half crown, XF - $15.00 delivered


Great Britain 1935 half crown, AU - $13.00 delivered



I've also got two pieces of silver bullion from Germany, both .999 1 ouncers.


Deutsche Silberunze in it's original mint plastic...one like it can be seen here: http://www.muenzauktion.com/witte/item.php5?id=9634&lang=en - SOLD


Kaiser Wilhelm proof medal. The one that I have has nice surfaces, is in a plastic capsule, and marked 999 under the tail of the eagle. Looks like this one: http://picclick.com/BIG-HEAVY-MEDAL-OF-KAISER-330535406061.html - SOLD


Also have a 1870 Peru Un Sol in AU that's ben holed (1/16" hole at the top of the obverse, neat coin that would make a great keychain or something similar, .7234 Oz. ASW - $21.00


Check, MO, cash, or Paypal gift...shipping will be actual shipping costs on the heavier items. PM me if interested.

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