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25-Cent Coloured Coin - Black-capped Chickadee (2011), worth to buy?


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Buy it if you like it, but from an artistic / collecting view rather than an investing view. (standard advice)


Thanks. I understand.


But my bottom line is that though it is my new hobby and I do not expect to make a lot of money from it, I do not expect to lose a lot on it either. ie: I do not want to see a $25 coin I bought drops to $5 in a couple of years.

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Generally speaking, most mint product usually drop in value in the long run, with some notable exceptions.


If a hypothetical item costs $25 retail and could reasonably be expected to have a minimum $10 wholesale/resale value several years down the road should you need to sell it for whatever reason, then the question would be would the difference in value be worth it to you: would you have experienced $X worth of happiness for having owned / enjoyed it? If so, then it could be considered to be a good purchase, and if the resale value down the road is higher than expected, then that would be a bonus.

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