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My Lebanese Collection


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I liked to share with you my Lebanese coin collection I think I don't have them all I just miss a few anyway here's the link for the photo of my collection on a Lebanese flag:



And here are their names by order:

The good old 1 piaster, the 5 piasters, the 10 piasters, the 1st edition 25 piasters and the second edition of it, the 50 piasters, the famous 1 lira, the rare single edition 25 lira (mint condition) the 1st edition 50 lira, the bronze 100 lira, the silver color 100 lira, the 250 lira and finally the 500 lira.



Hope you like it!!!:D

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Hello .


I am almost a new member and interested in all kind of coins , especially those of my country . I can complete your collection with 2 silver 50 piasters dated respectively 1929 and 1952 , Half piaster , off - center piaster , 2 piasters and many others , as well asa 25 - piaster paper money dated 1949 . hope you like it .


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