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Syracuse, Sicily Lovelies


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This is my earliest Syracuse Sicily piece, this dates from approximately 400 BCE and has a portrait of a nymph, with some suggestion of this being Arethusa. On the reverse is a dolphin over a scallop shell.


This piece was cast, as many early ancient bronzes from Sicily were. Curiously a large casting spur was never removed from the coin, despite the ease at which it could be removed by breaking it off.


Here is my favourite Syracusan coin:




This piece is from the reign of Agathokles, King of Syracuse during 317-289 BCE. The piece has a portrait of Artemis(Diana) and the legend Soteira(saviour) On the reverse of the piece is a winged thunderbolt and the legend Agathokleos Basileos, Agathokles, King.

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