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Russian Gold: Alexander III 10 Roubles


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Hi everybody


I've been reading some threads on coinpeople for over a year and found them most enlightening but only registered a short while ago. I've been collecting English and pre-1917 Russian coins for some time as I have been fascinated by the history of these two countries. I was wondering if anyone with more knowledge could enlighten me about the Alexander III gold coins from 1886 to 1894.


Why is it that the 1894 10 rouble coin is less scarce than the other dates? In the last 6 months I've seen 3 1894 coins. This is rather odd considering that the official mintage figure quoted in Severin is just 1007 pieces. The other mintage figures (with the exception of 1893) are considerably higher. Or is this another case of the Soviet government using the 1894 dies to mint additional coins after 1917? What do other experts write on the subject? I would also be very grateful if someone could give me an indication of what sort of prices one would be expected to pay for an 1894 10 rouble piece?


And finally, what about the Alexander 5-rouble pieces? To what extent can one rely on the mintage figures there? Which dates are considered rare? I assume it's from 1890 up. Is this the case?


Looking forward to an interesting discussion.

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