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1985 Crowsnest Pass trade dollar

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I picked up a souvenir on our recent trip to visit friends in Canada. I made a stab at producing a visual souvenir of the coin and our visit to the two locations commemorated on the coin.




You can learn more about the Bellevue Mine Disaster by following the link.


The mine had two of the silver-plated trade dollars in its souvenir shop. They also had a mine check board full of mine checks from their mine and another in the region. Interesting to see the checks in the mine setting. (Mine checks are numbered brass tokens. The miner placed his check on the board when entering the mine. He removed the check on exit. In the event of an emergency, operators could tell at a glance how many men might still be in the mine. The mine is not operating today since the price of coal is so low compared to the operating costs. One level is open for walking tours, about 1000 meters into the mine.

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