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Does this look authentic?


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Sale looks authentic to me. The photos (likely stock ones) are oversaturated with color. These are common notes though, so I wouldn't be worried about counterfeits. Price seems quite high to me, but paper money isnt my forte.


Generally on Ebay, stick to higher feedback sellers (200+). Doesn't hurt to investigate their previous history by clicking their feedback (the number in brackets beside their name). It will allow you to quickly see how many neg/neutral feedbacks they have, as well as recent buying/selling history. If they have more than one bad transactions, I'd consider it a red flag. Often times you can tell based on the feedback left on those neg/neuts if it was just a haywire buyer that left negative feedback, or if it was shadiness on the seller's end.


For paper money buying, be careful to inspect pictures for pinholes, tears, wear on the corners, and fold marks. Often times pictures are touched up or outright edited to reduce these negative qualities. If a picture looks off, there is likely a reason. Be more suspect of sellers with few/bad feedbacks.

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