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Hello Coin People,


I recently won an auction from "Ebay.de" in Germany. It was a 1756 10 Rouble coin in fairly good condition. My question is about the strike of the coin. I know back then the coins were struck by hand and as you can see on the photos I have provided, the numbers of the date have clearly been struck twice, especially the number 7 and 5. Also, you cant tell by the photo but there is faint lettering on both sides of this coin around the rim just above the main writing mostly around 11:00 on both sides. It looks as the it was struck wrong and then re-struck or possibly this was another coin and was stamped with the new date. I guess what I really want to know is if anyone can tell me if this is a rare error coin or is this a fake. I have never seen a coin like this and I have 30 days to return it. I am sending it for grading but I have found especially with old coins, both NGC and PCGS often return them "no decision.


Thank you



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