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1892 Britanniarum Gold Coin


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Hello all,


I was digging through an old collection I hadn't looked at in a while and I came across the 1892 gold coin. I was wondering if anyone could possibly give me a retail value price on this coin, I understand it to be somewhat in demand and worth at least $143. It has not been in circulation ever. The coin's obverse bears the Jubilee bust of Queen Victoria circled by the Latin legend “Victoria Dei Gratia,” which means "Victoria by Grace of God," according to the Cruzi's Coins website. The reverse bears a crowned shield circled by the legend “Britanniarum Regina Fid. Def.,” meaning "Queen of Britain and Defender of the Faith." The base point of the shield splits the date, with “18” on the left and “92” on the right of the point.


Can anyone help me out in appraising this coins value?



Mike Carter

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We'd need some more information to help. A picture would be best, otherwise, info like size and weight would be useful.


Halfcrown, half sovereign and ful sovereign are all possibilities based on the description.

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