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2 versions of a very popular coin


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Opened this to see your opinions.

Why there is nothing in cataloques ?

Why there is nothing about that in Kazakov ? - which is very detailed in this period :confus:




After link, click on the picture to see it bigger.

Picture made by my friend - thx W.

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Did you check the mintage for this coin? This should tell you how many dies there were used... The die production methods did not provide for creation of identical dies even during the Soviet times. Thus, you are not looking for something meaningful, unless you want to write a catalog on imperial coinage like that of Fedorin on Soviet coins (all minor die varieties listed). I doubt that there would be a following, and that it is even remotely possible to list all die varieties where the mintage is in the tens of millions or more. Andrianov is trying to do something like that to a limited extent by listing errors, over-dates, etc. as separate varieties with assigning rarity to those. I have an opinion on that whole practice, but, I am sure, no one cares to hear more negativity these days. :art:

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