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More Fake Wires


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I have no experience with wire money, but if those are fake that's a lot of people and $$$ that got tricked :shock: WOW....


I have confirmed that they are fake with people who specialize in wire coins.


My suspicions were triggered by the odd looking Vasili Dmitrievich coin, and confirmed by the appearance of 2 identical Novgorod coins at the same time. I'm not sure the dealers themselves were aware that these coins are fake. I think it is interesting that both sellers are in Germany. I will guess we shall see more fakes like these possibly coming from various unsuspecting dealers.

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They certainly looked unlike any wire money I have ever seen... but at least one was allegedly Tatar issued and I figured that could have made a difference. I'm no expert on this stuff.




Not really Tatar. All of the early (post Yoke) coins are imitating Tatar dirhems. I'm not sure why. Some coins have inscriptions that are legible and reference some Tatar khan. Others are illegible squiggles. Perhaps there were political reasons for this, or perhaps people were just use to real money looking that way, so the new coins had to imitate the dirhems to a certain degree to be accepted.

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