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Help identifying old coin


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Hello all, I came across this old coin whilst digging in the garden, any ideas what it is?


Not my bailiwick, so at the risk of being wrong, I read along the right side of the bottom picture EBOR which is the old name for York: Eboricum. So, this would be a penny from the Dark Ages, before 1066. But it is not genuine. It is hard to tell from a snapshot, of course, but overall, it has the look of a museum store copy.


The easy fact is that ground moves. Something from 10,000 years ago can come to the surface. Something from last summer will sink. Here in the States, we get this from "coin" finds at Civil War sites, especially in the South. These replicas go back a century. People stop at a roadside shop, buy some trinkets, visit the site, and lose one on the old battleground or nearby a few miles. Some years or decades later, someone else comes along (perhaps with a metal detector) and lo! a Civil War coin is discovered. Yours might have been lost by young knights holding the garden while warring for the yard in 1960.


That said, mine is but the first reply. We must wait for the experts to advise.

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This is(I believe a copy of) http://wildwinds.com/coins/SE/SE1006.html only your is this variety;

A sword across the field, to the right or to the left between two rows of letters, intended for an abbreviation of Sancti Petri moneta; between the letters of the lower line is some unknown object. Rev. Cross with a pellet in each quarter; the legend on all the types is Eboraci or York, more or less abbreviated and corrupted. From http://www.treasurerealm.com/coinpapers/books/Hawkins-Silver-Coins-of-England-1841/Saints-Peter.html

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The coin pictured at the top is a definite fake, available at many historic sites for a pound or two.


Kirst, perhaps you could show us a picture? We can offer better advice then.

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