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1872 Libertas Americana / John W. Kline store card

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New pickup from Stacks America Sale, just wanted to share :)


1872 Libertas Americana / John W. Kline store card. Tin, 25.4mm, 6.4 grams. Musante JAB K-5. Mint State. Obv. Head of Liberty with cap on pole l., LIBERTAS AMERICANA above, 4 JUIL 1776 in exergue. Rev. 10-line inscription MANUFACTURER OF / MEDALS / TOKENS, CARDS &C / IMPORTER AND DEALER IN / COINS, / MEDALS, / SHELLS, MINERALS / ENGRAVINGS / AND / CURIOSITIES. within inner ring, JOHN W. KLINE, 212 SOUTH 8TH ST. / PHILADELPHIA around. Light pewter gray with pleasing reflectivity in the fields. A few scattered marks in the soft metal, as typical, but excellent eye appeal remains. A well-made example of the Libertas-Kline card in tin.


From the Q. David Bowers Collection; Charles Litman Collection; Donald M. Miller Collection.



25 mm - Unknown number struck by Kline

The Obverse die was cut in 1867 by Bolen and sold to Kline in 1872.


Info on Bolen Medals





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