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A question about Currency.


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There are a good number of new banknotes that will come out this year. There are many that I want to add to my collection. From your experience do you think it is better to buy the currency when it comes out or wait until the banknote is replaced and hope the price goes down on it?


Thank you.

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Yes and no, because some notes will go up in price because of high demand because they are nice and hard to find - while others get released in huge numbers and have low demand. What discerns the difference is that there are some safe areas for price - stable currencies that don't depreciate so that means no Zimbabwe or a lot of Latin American notes. A lot of African notes from the CFA because of the Euro peg are stable currencies and stinkers to find some examples of. I believe that the CFA currencies and their associated countries autonomous issues are some of the best collectable value out there.


Right now I am having some difficulty finding particularly coded examples of some CFA notes, there are scarcer codes for smaller countries that can be stinkers to find. Price can only go up with those.

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