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Prince of Wales 1762. RRRR.

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BHM#81 Birth of the Prince of Wales 1762.

Obv. Bust of the Prince, bare head left, star above. PRINCE OF WALES.

Rev. Prince of Wales plumes rising from coronet. ICH DIEN(I serve).

Brass 20mm by ? RRRR. Mine looks to be bronze or copper.


Dalton & Hammer list it(by error) as Middx #1142 RRR., with tokens struck circa 1795 Middx #1140-42 when George was over 30. Atkins first included it by mistake, quite how anyone could think it was contemporary with the later tokens when it clearly is a baby portrayed, not an adult, is beyond me. Compare it to another of my baby medals


Napoleon IV. Baptism Medal: Obv. NAPOLEON EUG.L.J.JOS. PRINCE IMPERIAL. Rev. NE LE 16 MARS ET BAPTISE A NOTRE DAME LE 14 JUIN. 1856. Gilded bronze 34mm.



From Dr. Gary Sriro's 2006 CD(which is a great resource which I highly recommend, especially when coupled with D&H), as you can see Obv.bust left etc. PRINCE OF WALES. Rev. Prince of Wales plumes rising from coronet. ICH DIEN. So yes, the same description, but so different!



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A fantastic piece, Pat. Does your example have a missing connection for the 'H' of 'ICH' as it looks like 'ICII'?

Thanks Clive, there is a slight indication of a connection(using a loop & lighting from the side) so either they used two I's and just made a token effort for the cross bar or its a filled die, without seeing others examples(very unlikely being RRRR.) cannot be sure which. The Ashmolean is the only museum listed in BHM as having an example, so if you do drop in you might find out :)

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