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I was interested in this medal of Queen Charlotte (BHM 78) but there were remnants of what appeared to be a mount of some sort on the obverse edge. Having no reference image of the medal (the design of some medals extends onto the edge), I passed. Has anyone seen something like this?





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The inconsistency and errors in slabbing medals should give everyone pause. At first, TPGs would only slab items with which they had a great deal of experience. Now, it seems they will slab and repeat almost anything they are told. The worst example, in my opinion, is when they slabbed a 1904 St. Louis medal listed in the catalogs and called it an 1893 Chicago World's Columbian Exposition unlisted mule. I guess they couldn't read the actual inscription on the medal, nor did they recognize the fact that they had slabbed other examples of the medal in the past, nor did they actually compare the piece to the two pieces they claimed were muled. The dealer with the slab was able to sell the piece as a great rarity as affirmed by NGC. The dealer discounted and ignored my objection because the NGC can't be wrong. Myself, I would crack your medal out of the worthless piece of plastic that has it entombed.

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