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Hi there everyone,


I happy to see a forum like this existing! Being a relatively new coin collector, you end up having questions that are hard to find answers for.


I have a Morgan Dollar that may be of some value and I would like to send it to be certified. How do you package the coin for transport and what info do you include with the coin?




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Hi Terry,


The two main grading companies are PCGS and NGC. For a Morgan Dollar, I think it'd likely cost $25-30 for the grading, plus $30 or so for return postage, in addition to your registered postage / courier costs to get it there.


For either grading company's website, you can get a form that you'd need to fill in, to send with the coin. Usually coins are sent in clear plastic flips/holders.


If you're in a larger city, you may be able to find a dealer who can send on your behalf.


That may be easier since the cost should be lower than sending a piece on your own, and also you wouldn't have to worry about potential customs problems when the piece re-enters Canada.

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