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Canadian 1872 25 Cents


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I'm hoping someone here can give me some information please.


I recently received some of my late Great Aunts possessions , one of which was a case containing various legal documents dating back to the late 1800's , in one of the envelopes I found a coin : a Canadian 25 cents dating back to 1872 ,why she had it I will never know. After a little investigation on the internet I discovered it is not that rare, with what appears to be lots of examples offered, however to my untrained eye it does seem to be in remarkably good condition, the relief still being sharp and showing little signs of wear. So I was just wondering if anybody could offer their expert opinion please?.




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Hi and welcome to the forum.


Looks to be in almost VF condition. The reverse is actually quite nice, much less worn than the obverse (heads side). That dark color looks a bit unnatural to me, but it could just be the lighting. It may have been cleaned in the past but I don't see any hairline scratches so I may be wrong on that. Trend value (ie, full retail) for Fine is $35, VF-20 is $70. I think on Ebay it would fetch $40-50.

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