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A wierd piece of metal


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I have found these two very weird pieces of metal in my collection

they are very wierd and they are probobly nothing but its interesting to find what the heck is it


again my camra is really bad i think its 0.7 mega pixel (lame)

so sorry but heres the pics anyway




The first thing is small and on one side theres the number 2 and on the other theres the numbers "1114"


The seacond one is the first one from the right. its just a round of leaves or what ever and its the same on both sides so ive uploaded ony one picture.

if you look very closely I can see in realy tiny letters thaat says(i think its hard to read):

R/B(eather that or that im not shure) A N . CA

i have 2 things on my mind eather a stpid little thing from a game or maby a token or maby a mint error i have no idea its very strange

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These two are actually slot machine (one armed bandit) tokens from the UK, though one is odd.

The 2 is a 2d token, usually found with R&W on the back - the odd part is the number on the back, it could be a catalogue number, maybe this was a sample sent to a prospective buyer? - we will probably never know.


The second is quite often found with no inscription, I also have an example with the same wreath and the words '5p TOKEN VALUE' in the middle.

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