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European coins


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I have tons of european coins from the 20th century mostly between 1920-1980

i dont know exactualy from where each coin is i know some of them

is there any special countries\key dates i can search for to see if i have any valuable coin?



Most of us here in the USA rely on the same books: The Standard Catalog of World Coins by Mishler and Bruce, published by Krause. We call it the Krause SCWC or just the SCWC. Technically, it comes out new every year, but most of us make do for many years with some recent edition. The books are expensive. Krause has published a CD also, about at about half the price.


Online, many of us here at CoinPeople rely on the Omnicoin website, http://www.omnicoin.com where you can search by year, country, etc. Often, if a coin has special value, that fact might be given along with the image. Omnicoin is a collectors website, we post images of our coins there for our own reference and for others to appreciate.


The information you seek about rarity is known, but information has market value. Someone has to query all of the world mints, assemble the information, and publish it. That value is protected against copying, both legally protected and technically protected. Anyone who pays for the books or disks will help another collector with a specific question, but no one is going to give away a ton of free information. As a collective effort, Omnicoin is as close as it comes.


Good luck,

Mike M.

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