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Over priced?


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My CCN trends newspaper (a few months old, but this series hasn't moved much in price) puts trends for the 1870 LCW 50 cent at $550cdn in EF40, $1400cdn in AU50. As constanius said, it is the No LCW version that is much more valuable.


As for this coin specifically, I'd say the details are EF45/AU50. The pics aren't that great, the color looks a bit off (especially from a "professional photographer") and there's a few little rim nicks. If this were certified EF-45 by ICCS (PCGS is another story- they grade this series a bit more loosely) I think it would bring at most about $500cdn on Ebay on a true 99c start auction.


I keep a record of certain coin auction results on Ebay. The best (certified) 1870 LCW coin I've seen was one graded by PCGS as EF45 (looked EF40) that didn't get any bids at $525 USD in Sept 2009. An ICCS VF30 sold for $256 USD in Nov '09.


In general, I'd stay away from seemingly higher grade raw coins on Ebay. It's just way too easy to get burnt buying cleaned/overgraded/problem coins. This is especially true in series like pre-1937 Canadian 50 cent pieces, as the trend values drop off sharply as you move from AU to EF to VF.

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