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New Collection!


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I started a collection in June when I was checking my change at a timmies too decide if I had too break a five too get a coffee when I found a Canadian penny with "Gruff ManChin" as I called him (just so I could stop saying "there's a dude on my penny!") a few hours later I showed my mother who is a coin collector but doesn't seem too bee too serious and learned the actual name of King George.

And bought a couple of coins for a few cents over face value (2010 un-circulated 50 cent piece and a 1969 50 cent piece) because I hadn't seen real 50 cent coins and didn't even know they existed.

Now I also have a 50 cent coin with a dinosaur on it, a quarter with a present(both sealed and never touched of course :P) and two centennial coins (nickle in such good condition I think it was stolen from a collection, and a dime not in as good condition)

I was wondering what coins should I be on the look out for, my mom told me too try too get centennials but as I said earlier she doesn't seem too be too serious (although she has stacks of rolls all done by year).

I want too make a collection I can feel proud of and one day pass down too my children or grandchildren or someone who would appreciate it (noticed allot of posts about inheriting collections and wanting too sell them, which I think is just wrong and wouldn't want too happen too mine)

So too sum this all up or if you decided too skip most of that and only read this line what Canadian coins should I look for too try too build a collection of some value.

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Date sets are pretty fun, but can get expensive if you start going back far. (Pennies are okay going back to the 1930s, and with patience and luck, you can probably get everything from the 1940s onward from circulation)


An easier alternative is a type set - collect one of every different type you encounter.


Indeed sometimes coins get liberated from collections, and sometimes collectors also intentionally release older / interesting coins to help stimulate interest.

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