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Chinese Token for Translation and Information

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Hi Folks,


I came by these recently on eBay - (Mainly because I saw the Japanese One Yen coin in there and wanted that!)


I've done some research and couldn't find anything quite like them.

The Bagua tokens are all milled and non-magnetic (if that helps)

The top 3 images represent the tokens which all have the same reverse which is the yin-yang image.


Hopefully somebody here can translate the characters for me and tell me something about them.

I havent had them tested, but I have a feeling that there might be silver content here..


as a P.S. I would also be really greatful if someone could tell me the year (and possibly value) of the one yen coin - Its my first one and I know very little about them.


Many thanks



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Just in case it helps others - My girlfriend got this translation from her chinese pen friend on these:


"I think you lost one coin,should be four 招(zhāo)財(cái)進(jìn) 寳(bǎo)


That words means---to bring in wealth and treasure -- felicitous wish of making money; to amass fortunes."


- so in short I have 4 coins, 2 cai and no jin... I'm not sure how that will affect my luck :-D

(apart from the fact I now think that my One Yen may well be a fake)

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