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Any ID information for this jeton/counter?

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Here is a another example,


From http://www.muenzauktion.com/dumez/item_pri...=en&id=4111

TVETUR ET ORNAT LA VILLE PARIS = Protecting & decorating the City of Paris.


Which mounted French King is depicted "Protecting & decorating the City of Paris" I am not 100% sure but it probably is Louis XV. In 1763 the Paris merchants erected an equestrian statue of him in Place de la Concorde which might be related to the Treaty of Paris, signed in 1763 by France, Britain and Spain, which ended the Seven Years' War.


On the example I show the horse & rider definitelly appear to be on a plinth.

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The counter that I've got definately appears to be a copy or knock-off of the token/medal that you've shown. Check out the poor job of outline engraving on the horses legs, etc.. It also seems that a lot of the wording has been misspelled...on purpose? Do any of the words mean something different when spelled differently? There's also a mint mark or engravers mark (H or K) beneath the city view that takes the place of the ornamental swag or garland on your piece. Very strange.

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Also could be J.L for Johann Jakob Lauer 1789-1865.


They mispelt Ville(only 1 L) so probably just spelling mistakes. which Nuremberg jetons often have. Still a very nice jeton.


One of Johann's Rechenpfennigs, you can see how crude they can be


from here http://www.muenzauktion.com/pater/item.php5?id=100720007

crudely made or not they are asking 38,00 EUR

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