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1912 poltina in Kazakov catalogue


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We have discussed this before, but I cannot remember who participated (alexbq2?? altyn??)... :ninja: ...

Anyway, in 1912, we see a change in the reverse design of the 50 kopeck pieces of Nicholas II:


1911 and before:



1912 and afterwards:



There are other subtle changes: in the newer reverse, the dot after the letter "Г" after the date is aligned between two denticles and the tail feathers are also farther away from the denomination. However, the Kazakov catalog shows this coin (probably a proof) which was obviously struck from a die with the older reverse design:



I started a thread in the Russian newsgroup http://coins.su, but nobody seems to be interested over there (here is the link to the first message ... my Russian isn't so great, but thanks to kopeikin who is also a member of this forum, I was finally able to make myself understood):

Полтина 1912 у Казакова


Basically, I need to know if anyone else has ever seen such a coin (1912 with the older reverse) and if so, how rare is it? Surprisingly, Mr. Kazakov didn't seem to recognize it, otherwise he would have listed it as a rare variety. ;)

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does his book include his email, hard to believe if not :ninja:


if it does, send me your question in english and i give you best russian translation 4 Kazakov ;)

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It is worth mentioning that several Proof 1912 poltinas shown at http://m-dv.ru/catalog/ also show the 'new type' reverse. This indicates that not only business strike but also proof coins were normally made with dies of the new design and that makes the Kazakov's coin a real puzzle. Nice catch, Bob!

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Bobh, you were going to try to contact Mr. Kazakov. Did anything ever come out of it? Were you able to get in touch with him?

Unfortunately, I haven't tried to contact him yet. But maybe sometime in the next few weeks.

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