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1963 (1642) Austria Gold 2 Ducat Restrike NGC MS65 on eBay


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The Dutch started it.


In 1960 the Netherlands had the good taste to reissue the beautiful 1750 Gold Rider coin in both ducat size (7 gulden) and double ducat size (14 gulden). Suddenly anyone could own a perfect replica of a classic 210 year old Dutch design for a little over the price of bullion.


The Netherlands rejoiced. :ninja:


The Austrians saw this and began thinking of which coin they could reissue. It had to have a soldier on a horse. Preferably a bigger horse than the Dutch coin. And it had to be at least 100 years older. And shields. It had to have LOTS of shields!


It took three years of careful deliberation but in 1963 the Austrians finally selected the 1642 2 Ducat coin to restrike. A timeless design that featured both Archduke Ferdinand Karl on horseback with the city of Vienna in the background and St. Leopold (clad in armor) holding the Viennese flag. And plenty of shields. Over a dozen.


They struck thousands in silver but only 1000 in gold.


The Austrians rejoiced. ;)


Onto the auction…



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