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Australia holey dollar, Coin sets, Notgeld

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1988 Australia holey dollar and dump set. Proof coins, 1.25 oz. silver between the two coins. The outer case is a little worn. Both coins have red/blue rim toning on the obverse. $30.00 delivered to US addresses, a little more elsewhere.


Octagon shaped Montabaur 5 pfennig notgeld coin. Appears to be zinc...a little fine roughness as with most of these older zinc pieces, but no white spots present - $10.00 delivered.


Australian Dansco deluxe albums with Australian coins. One holds threepence and sixpence, the other shillings. Both contain some coins...34 threepence, 35 sixpence, 26 shillings. Older coins are mostly average circs, many BU in the newer coins, includes a AU 1943 (m) shilling, one of the 1940's era shillings is holed. A nice start for an Australian collection - $200 delivered to US addresses.

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