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An Altered Kopeek


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This here coin does not look like much. But if you check your references it will be listed as a very rare, mega expensive one year issue. Actually - a pattern. A very circulated pattern in this instance, and that’s peculiar.


If you look harder, and manage to focus on the blurry image on the left, you will notice that CPB mint mark is off center. If you disregard ‘C’, the remaining two characters are aligned with the central axis of the coin. Clearly, this coin was retooled. A ‘C’ character was added, the dot that is suppose to follow it was not. The original mint mark characters altered to resemble ‘II’ and ‘B’. I can only guess that the mint master initials were removed from the obverse, and possibly the date was altered.


All in all, someone had put a lot of work into this!

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