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1942-S Walker ... strange 'S' ??

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Hello, I am new to this site and to coin collecting in general. I was left my grandfathers coin collection and recently finished going through and inventorying everything. When organizing his Walking Liberty Half Dollars I found 83 total and 15 from 1942. Of those 15; 12 have no MM, 1 is a 1942-D and two have 1942-S. I've compared the mint mark on the two 1942-S's to everything I could find online and while on one the 'S' looks standard on the other it's clearly different. It looks almost filled but is also smaller and a bit farther from the edges of the branch indent above it. Is this something common?


I've posted this on a couple other forums and so far no one could tell me anything about it other than it possibly looking like an incorrect mint mark font. As I mentioned I am new to coin collecting so any information or references anyone could provide would be great!


Sorry about the quality of the pictures, trying to get better at it.





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I believe the mintmarks were still punched on each working die by hand then. The placements suggest that. As for the thicknesses, I suppose it's due to die wear. The second coin was struck later in the process perhaps.



I am far from a pro! Someone will answer you!


Oh, and welcome to coinpeople. If you're noticing varieties like that, you're bound to become a regular member.

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