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German Medal

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this medal was a weight of 23.5 g and it looks silver to me. i dont think it's a coin.

But i don't know how to identify it, because i dont speak german.

Also i must mention that under the tree, the two cartriges contain a monogramed IONA/THAN on one side and DAVID on the other.

Can you help me with a translation of the text and the reason.

Thank you.

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Pondering a bit more on the Bible passage, it could have been an old catholic version so 1.23 Samuel would be a different version. David & Jonathan make a pact before God(the shaking of hands) you need to select chapter 23.


"16 Jonathan son of Saul set off and went to David at Horesh and encouraged him in the name of God.

17 'Do not be afraid,' he said, 'for my father Saul's hand will not reach you. You are to reign over Israel, and I shall be second to you. Saul my father is himself aware of this.'

18 And the two made a pact before Yahweh. David stayed at Horesh and Jonathan went home"

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Finally tracked down the right bible and passage, it is the Luther Bible Samuel 1.XX(20). 23. LINK if you scroll down to 23 and hold your pointer over it you can see the original german. Using the catholic bible it appears to be "Sam 1.20.23 And as regards the agreement we made, you and I, why, Yahweh is witness between us for ever"


LINK to Medaillen Hamburg 1549- 2009: Katalog mit Preisen, they date it as 1749?, the question mark is theirs not mine.


None of the depicted medals match yours exactly.

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